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Antiques with a twist...

"Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say 'I understand what you want me to be, but I'm going to show you who I actually am.'" - Anthony Anaxagorou

My story

Perhaps you are wondering who that 'special Aerts' is? I bought this sign in an antique shop, which was originally an advertisement for a Belgian beer. Over the moon when I found it, because who has a last name that is also a beer :-)? The word 'special' refers not only to my character, which some would describe as a little bit rebellious, but also because I recently gathered all my courage to walk a completely different life path.

I was a lawyer for 7 years but antiques and vintage were always very close to my heart. Concluding that life is far too short, I decided in 2021 to ignore 'my mind' for a while and to choose for the one thing that makes my heart skip a few beats (besides the love of my life, Michiel:-)): antiques and vintage, and more particularly objects with a twist. Since choosing is a bit of losing (and I just can't choose), I don't limit myself to certain objects from a specific time period but I offer a fun, eclictic mix of antiques and vintage; ranging from a 19th century candleholder in the shape of the sea god Poseidon to vintage molecular models.

However, I did not embark on this adventure completely recklessly. I followed a course to become an antique dealer for 2 years, where I gained a lot of knowledge about the different (art)styles and about the methods of valuation.

I could not realize this dream without my backbone Michiel and my sweethearts, Marie (3 years) and Stan (1 year). Whenever I come home with a new item, these little ones are the first to find out what it is. And believe it or not, they haven't broken anything ... yet (so fingers crossed :-D...).

A corona proof kiss,

Goedele Aerts

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