Pop-up till you drop

Ladies and gentlemen,

If online shopping is not your thing, then Adesso Antiques has news for you! In 2021 and 2022, Adesso Antiques regularly organizes pop-up shops, both in the center of Ghent and in Bruges!

Below you will find an overview of the past and upcoming pop-ups, with all practical info about opening hours, closing days, etc.

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Pop-up Bruges August 2022

Save the best for last.

For the very, very, very last time, Adesso Antiques will host a pop-up shop.

Be there or be square ;-D


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Pop-up Bruges April 2022

The pop-up took place from April 1 to 30 in "Brugge Die Scone", also called the Venice of the North.

It was so worth it! I have met so many lovely residents from Bruges (especially Mieke, and Alain :-) ), but also so many sympathetic tourists from all over the world!


Pop-up Ghent February 2022

From February 1 till February 27, 2022 a third and final edition of the pop-up was held in Ghent.


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Pop-up Ghent October-November 2021

Due to the success of the first pop-up store in August, a second edition was organized from October 25 till November 7, 2021.


Pop-up Ghent August 21

Frankly, the first day of the opening of the pop-up in Ghent on August 2, I was terribly nervous; after all, I had never managed a shop before, and the weeks before I had been sweating and toiling to get everything ready on time. But what a FUN experience it has been (see photos)! I have met many lovely people and it was amazing that both young and old are still interested in antiques and vintage.


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